Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thinking about . . .

While I'm now into my third week (that's 21+ days) of this sinus / allergy-that-never-happens-to-me mess, I've spent the third week home from church. I do not want to inflict my coughing and hacking and gross nasal noises on the quiet of a solemn service. Even though I still go to work, there is something different and less acceptable about making gross noises in the quiet surrounding among adults. In school, it's more palatable for some reason. Anyway, I have little voice this weekend that alternates between squeaks and silence. I tired. of. it. all. But, I think I am better and hope that this mess leaves completely this week.

While I have been quiet and restful, I've read several snatches here and there whose quotes stood out as seemingly bold-faced in my edition. Here I share:

"Great readers are made by great books." (p 97)

"But studies of computer-aided instruction in basic subjects have shown that students learn less and more slowly in the classroom environment when computers are involved. More often than not, computers in the elementary classroom are a distraction that compete for students' attention and draws their focus from the essential instruction of the curriculum. . . .There is no time for computers in the elementary scope and sequence." (p. 107)

"Despite heavy workloads, it is not sufficient to just grade papers. As conscientious teachers in the liberal arts tradition we must correct papers. We serve students as editors, respecting their style and voice, but holding them accountable for good grammar, sounds logic, and meaningful expression in their writing." (p. 112)

"But the key component to the cultivation of minds is the curriculum and its learning goals." ( p. 151)

"We can never stop learning about the things we teach." (p 155)

"While all cultures may not apply Christian values and principles equally, ultimately, in our students' minds, all cultures answer to the same standards of justice, mercy, and charity." (p. 187)

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