Monday, May 30, 2011

Gerunds tell it all

Our four-day weekend was perfect!

Leaving, just the two of us, for a five hour drive to visit our Baltimore daughter,
brunching on a longed-for late breakfast,
browsing books at the book fair,
walking away with several hundred dollars of books for only half of a hundred,
enjoying dinner prepared by our daughter,
resting leisurely while she bustles breakfast,
strolling the Inner Harbor on a pleasant day,
riding the water taxi all over the harbor,
reliving history at beautiful Fort McHenry,
visiting with arriving family while
marveling at the food and service at Fogo de Choi,
strolling the Inner Harbor again on a beautiful evening,
gaping in wonder at the swimming creatures at the National Aquarium Baltimore,
cheering wildly at the tournament of knights at Medieval Times, and then
driving home with satisfaction and love of family.

Tomorrow it's back to work. But only for 1.5 days with students. I can do this.

Life is good!

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