Saturday, October 29, 2011

My landscape for the past few days

Earlier this week, I explained my necessary sabbatical. I have completely enjoyed my time by myself. I have been able to work uninterrupted and have things in order through Christmas.

What I have loved has been the landscape. Beyond my computer screen has been what you see below. Taking short three minute breaks every hour or so, I was able to walk out and enjoy it all. The weather was warm enough to enable me to leave the door partially open all the time to enjoy the breeze and the sound of the surf. I don't think I would ever tire of the sound or the sight.

The pictures, in order, show the various weather during the past few days. Today began with "smoke on the water" and as the day progressed, the stormy clouds moved off into a beautiful dimension, and finally blew away completely to crystal blue skies closing in a gorgeous sunset.


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