Friday, October 28, 2011

Reformation Day, 2011

Resources abound today as we remember Reformation Day. Too many children are growing up without knowledge of the contributions of Martin Luther, to whom Reformation Day has become linked.

I find that when I mention Martin Luther in class, the new students assume I'm speaking of Martin Luther King; they've never heard of Martin Luther, the reformer. What a task we have to restore historic Christian culture!

Through Reformation Day (Monday), Ligonier offers a free download of R. C. Sproul's wonderful children's book,
The Barber Who Wanted to Pray. R. C. reads this in his mellow and friendly voice. What a gift! Don't miss this generosity!
Also visit George Grant's Eleventary for his eleven quotes from Martin Luther.

Then top off the weekend with Luther, the movie.

For young children, a delightful picture book is Luther, A Man Who Changed the World (Maier).

And for older children (even up through high school), a wonderful little book, Luther, the Leader, summarizes Luther life. Even for adults, this is a good, brief account of Luther's life.

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