Sunday, October 02, 2011

Seasonal Changes

Again, it seems, we moved from one season into another without that cushioned temperature change. Today, as yesterday, it is blustery, windy, and cold compared to the sizzling summer we just came out of. So, a fire in the woodstove to cut the chill and a bowl of a new soup: Winter Soup.

recipe came out in the newspaper and what appealed to me was the comment, ". . . a big taste of the root vegetables you have been craving."

I've not tried anything new in a long time because I've not cooked much over the course of the last few years. I guess I had some sort of earth-mama hankering, and planned accordingly. Yesterday, because I had made my lesson plans for next week on Thursday and finished all my grading before leaving school on Friday, I had several hours free for kitchen duty yesterday. So I tried several new recipes: a new blueberry cobbler, Lemon-Pesto Rotini, and Winter Soup.

The soup took awhile to prepare because these thick, hard-skinned root vegetables had to be peeled--not a quick job. The picture below is not mine, but the soup looks like it. And the smell cooking it was so good!

Winter Soup

1 cup each, peeled and coarsely chopped: onion, butternut squash, sweet potato, Granny Smith apple, rutabaga, and carrot.

1 stick butter

5 cups chicken stock

1 cup heavy cream (or half-and-half)

3 Tbsp maple syrup

cayenne pepper to taste

Melt a stick of butter and add all veggies, cooking until onion is translucent. Add stock and cook until veggies are tender.

Transfer to a food processor (I used my Ninja - greatest little device ever) and process until smooth. Transfer back to cooking pot and add cream, syrup, and pepper.

Heat until hot and serve.

Now, when I peeled that big ole ugly rutabaga, which I've never bought or grown before, I had much more than a cup, so I just doubled the recipe and froze half of it. What a great-and easy-meal this will be after a cold school day.

Next time, I am going to experiment by adding some split peas and topping it with some bacon. The addition of hot pepperoni rolls will be a perfect complement too.

. ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ .

This school year is proving to be more than busy. From the time my feet step into my room of the morning, I am hustling until at least 3:30 pm. I often find myself unable to prepare for the two new classes until the morning of, necessitating 3:30 - 4 am wake-ups and stress I'm unused to and don't need. But, things are settling into a pattern, and I anticipate a good year, albeit busy.

Last night, we watched a wonderful movie, The Last Brickmaker in America with Sidney Poitier. Much like his Noah Dearborn, this is one of those good-for-you-to-watch ones. Positive and encouraging. Makes you want to take the high road even though it's not the easy one.

. ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ .

My reading life is a mess. I started a book in September in preparation for our England-Ireland trip next July. Sarum is 900 pages and I'm not sure I'll get it finished, particularly when I have other reading that I have to do and cannot hold my eyes open long after crawling into bed. Rutherfurd's writing sticks with me; he's obviously a gifted one because a week between readings is not a gap in my remembrance.

Blogging has taken a back-burner because of time, but I often think about all kinds of things to blog. The stress of my teaching life could be eased a bit, I believe, with some scattered blogging time. But with so much to do, I feel I can't even take a few hours off. One day things will change. :)


Go quickly and tell said...

Soup recipe sounds delicious (and easy) so I look forward to trying it.

This week we're enjoying one that I prepared and froze late last Spring ~ a plain veggie/beef.

Also, jotting down that movie recommendation. Thx!

Jenny said...

Ahhh what a delightful, encouraging post. I find cooking during this season of the year, and of life, a comfort. You fed this tired being with what sounds to be a delicious soup that warms the soul as well. But to top it off, finding another person who knows of Noah Dearborn and appreciates it as well, and then recommends another in that vein. Almost too many blessings from one blog post. But He does give abundantly , doesn't He? even if we have to wait for those beloved trips to the beach ;)

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