Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Short Seasonal Sabbatial

I've thought of all kinds of alliterative descriptions to use for the next few days.

short .......... seasonal .......... sanity .......... survival

This has been a rough year. And it will not ease until June. This rough result is not from a bad thing; it's from that ambitious plan that we in the Strategic Planning Committee mapped out and the course we have chosen to help the school financially. We all knew it would be rough. Teaching extra classes, double triple duty, certification pursuit, scope & sequence formulation, . . . .

But, as usual, one never knows just how difficult, how involved, and how demanding a task will be until he is in the thick of it.

Such am I. In fact, seven weeks ago I felt stuck in the miry clay, quickly being overcome by the sinking feeling that I was not able to do my duties (not just well, but at all) and seemingly unable to do anything about it. This really concerned me because I'm not one that gets down about much. I almost thrive on challenges and workaholism.

But, I realized I needed some sort of break. And there would be one at the end of October when the faculty was scheduled to go to the ACSI conference. The conference is not what I needed. I had already secured CEUs from some tremendous summertime conferences -- on my own time and at my own expense and worth twice the CEUs. I made a request: give me that time off to work on my own. I'll save the school money in not going to the conference, and I'll be able to redeem the time I need to get through Christmas.

The request was accepted. And my reservations were made the same day. I knew I needed time to work, but I also needed a change of scenery and no, not one demand, expectation --implied or otherwise -- placed upon me other than the time to plan through Christmas.

My backdrop for these few days is spectacular. The weather will change, though, in a couple of days. But that's okay. It's quiet except for the rolling surf and the birds. I've already mapped out a plan for one new class (planning is like preparing a meal that is consumed in a few bites) and have my self-imposed schedule to accomplish the rest of my to-do list.

For now, I am being revived with rest and quiet. And I'm being recused because that miry clay is becoming thin. My steps are getting easier, and survival seems hopeful.


A Circle of Quiet said...

Blessings to you as you rest, Janie.


Carol in Oregon said...

Times of refreshing are coming your way. Good news!