Saturday, November 05, 2011

I'm watching: Catherine Cookson movies

After I finish schoolwork, I read, I watch, and I listen. No, I should correct this. It is usually while I finish schoolwork, that I read, I watch, and I listen. Multi-tasking, even with what should be leisure activities, has consumed everything I do.

Unfortunately now, I seem to need a second, or concurrent, task going on. While I prepare the coffee for the next day, one hand is emptying the old grounds, rinsing the filter container, and adding a new filter while the other hand is holding the pot as water fills it. Or while riding an hour in the car, I find myself taking along a book that needs to be read for school to read a few pages as we drive. While driving to work, I often scribble notes on a legal pad I keep beside the seat--often something I think I need to do that day or a thought for an article I would like to write.

So, I do like to watch something while I type a test, grade a stack of papers, or read the newspaper. The past few months we have found some enjoyable videos on Netflix based on some of English author Catherine Cookson's books. Most, if not all, of her storylines relate to class struggle in 19th century England. We've equated her writings to America's Horatio Alger. What is interesting are the twists and turns the plot takes. All of these are well done, a few are exceptional (+) and only a couple are ones we just did not care for (-). You may enjoy these too!

+++ Tilly Trotter
The Secret
+++ A Dinner of Her
The Cinder Path

The Fifteen Streets
- The Gambling Man
-The Man Who Cried
The Glass Virgin
The Girl
The Moth
The Rag Nymph
The Wingless Bird
+++ Colour Blind
+++ Dwelling Place

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Anonymous said...

i watched one over the weekend and am on my fourth movie so far. watched colour blind last night and was completely floored. i can't wait for season two of downton abbey to air on hulu