Thursday, November 22, 2012

Catching up

Wow! Blogger has changed. I've not been to my dashboard for almost a year, and I almost cannot figure it out. Not sure who, if any, are following Seasonal Soundings anymore -- and why should you with no posts in the last year! -- but this may explain why the absence. For one, I've been unbelievably busy. School, plus my OCD-ness (or should that be CDO-ness?) continues to dominate my life. Even though I've been busy, I've often wanted, and needed, to write, but I cannot access Blogger easily. You see, at school we use Goggle for many applications into which I am signed and have pinned and bookmarked. To use Blogger, I have to sign out of the school-Google apps. That's not hard at all. It's signing back in that's the problem. I have to sign into each one individually. And I cannot go back and forth between Blogger and school apps without losing something in between. So, I've just not taken the time to do it. And I don't have a solution except to just designate a day to blog. But finding the time to do that will be a challenge. So, for now, I'll just repost a David McCullough quote that a sweet friend shared. I love the last two senctences and plan to use them on my whiteboard.

"And so many of the blessings and advantages we have, so many of the reasons why our civilization, our culture, has flourished aren’t understood; they’re not appreciated. And if you don’t have any appreciation of what people went through to get, to achieve, to build what you are benefiting from, then these things don’t mean very much to you. You just think, well, that’s the way it is. That’s our birthright. That just happened. [But] it didn’t just happen. And at what price? What grief? What disappointment? What suffering went on? I mean this. I think that to be ignorant or indifferent to history isn’t just to be uneducated or stupid. It’s to be rude, ungrateful. And ingratitude is an ugly failing in human being."
(David McCullough) 

So, if you've arrived here to read this, please let me know. That may help me decide whether to continue this neglected endeavor. 


Sherry said...

I am here, and I'd love to read your writing again. But I understand the frustration of signing in and out of multiple accounts and applications. Happy THanksgiving.

georgianne said...

I'm still here, too! I always enjoy reading what you write. But, like Sherry, I understand why you haven't been. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jenny said...

I'm here as well. and thanks for the quote!


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I'm here, you popped up on my rss feed and I'm glad you did.

Kristine said...

You can use two different browsers, for example, Firefox for all of your school stuff, and Chrome for your blogging. (I'm currently doing this with Facebook, because I'm trying to at least cut out one invasion of my privacy. I saw this blog post in Chrome, but pasted the URL into my Firefox browser to login to comment.)

Always nice to see you post!

Anonymous said...

I've been checking in off and on and I would LOVE to keep hearing about what you're doing. I am hitting the middle grades with my last kid and hoping to keep learning from & being inspired by you.