Sunday, December 16, 2012

Full of theology

In my middle school yearly memorization pieces, I've included this theological piece for the last several years. I'm not sure where I found it (and wish I could thank whomever introduced it to me), but this piece in simple words is full of great theological truths. [Edited to add that after some sleuthing, I found that this piece was written by Roy Gustafson who was a member of the Billy Graham team. The piece is quoted in a book by Franklin Graham, The Name.]

I realized during church today how handy this piece would be as a bookmark in my Bible. 

The New in the Old

The NT is contained in the OT.

        The OT is explained in the NT.

The NT is concealed in the OT.

        The OT is revealed in the NT.

The OT anticipates the NT.

        The NT authenticates the OT.

In the OT the NT lies hidden.

        In the NT the OT lies open.

The OT foreshadows the NT.

        The NT fulfills the OT.

In the OT they were always seeking.

        In the NT they found.

The OT predicts a Person.

        The NT presents that Person.

And the Person is the Lord Jesus Christ

        Who fully validated the OT.

The Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible)

        presents Figures of Christ.

The Psalms present the Feelings of Christ.

The Prophets present the Foretellings of Christ.

The Gospels present the Facts of Christ.

The Epistles present the Fruits of Christ. 



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or source?

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I did some sleuthing and finally found the author, Roy Gustafson, and edited the post to add who he is.

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