Monday, January 14, 2013

Filippo's Dome

I had my sixth grade Middle Ages students read the excellent  Filippo's Dome (Anne Rockwell) last week. 

Of course, all books I choose for them to read are excellent in my opinion and waiting for them to agree is not always easy. In fact, comments from the first day or so seemed like they were not in agreement with me. But, by the end of the book, they came back talking about what a good book it is and how they didn't want it to end. This makes me happy. 

I picked up this book, along with another of Rockwell's books, at a library discard sale twenty years ago and try to include it in a several-week-study of cathedrals in the Middle Ages in sixth grade. 

Because this little book piqued my interest years ago, I read a more expanded and adult story of somewhat the same, Brunelleschi's Dome,  before our trip to Florence a few years ago. 

Twists and turns of rabbit-trail journeys in the book world.

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