Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm reading; I'm watching; I'm listening.

I'm reading The Cobra Event (Preston) for enjoyment. A colleague -- I'll soon be saying former colleague :) -- who teaches science shared this with me. We both like The Hot Zone, and she was sure I'd like this one. I do. I've always enjoyed the science of the human body, so reading some fiction with lots of such talk grabs me.  And with my decision, I cannot tell you how much I look forward to reaquainting with my books. Almost like a reunion. Or going to see an old friend. Weird, but booklovers will understand.

I'm watching Hawthorne on Netflix which is similar to Grey's Anatomy. I watch this only on the one night a week that my husband has a rescue squad meeting. He does not care for shows like this, so this is my personal treat. I'm about halfway through the three seasons. When he's here though, we have been watching World Without End, an intriguing look into the 14th century, based on Ken Follett's book of the same name. We watched the beginnings of his Pillars of the Earth a while back, but we couldn't get into it then. We'll try that again next. I've never tried his books, but I've heard they are fantastically realistic. Maybe with my upcoming time for books, I will. We just finished watching The Vicar of Dibley series which is hilarious. Bordering on risque humor (and inappropriate for young people), it's British humor which they do well. It would flop by an American.  

I'm listening to 1066 (Howarth) audio in preparation for reading the book in one of my classes. I *love* this book. Howarth's writing transports you right smack-dab in eleventh-century England. You can easily and enjoyably learn history through this short little book. I read this book years ago during our homeschooling days and was impressed with it then, so I decided to include it in the medieval world history class for upper school sophomores. In addition, I'm listening to 1066 from The Great Courses by Jennifer Paxton. She is engaging and interesting. The blend of these two audio is a good two-for-one. (I have some books on my to-read list that are by-the-numbers and like 1066: 1215 and The Year 1000.) Besides audio books, I continue to enjoy Christ is Our Cornerstone, the latest from New Parish Psalms. I'm working on a blog post about the songs on this CD of which most are reworkings of older, and sometimes harder to sing, hymns.

In light of my decision, I've also decided to revive Wednesday Words sometime this summer.  If any of you remember, before I started this short-lived second teaching career, most every Wednesday, I shared several new words that I had learned from books I was reading. I love vocabulary and look forward to resurrecting this venture. Maybe you would like to consider doing the same and sharing. 

Until next time  .   .   .   . happy reading, happy watching, and happy listening!


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