Friday, January 18, 2013

Turning toward happiness (Part 1)

Snow! It came as predicted, and we got out of school early yesterday and all day today. We are off Monday for MLK day, so this is a great loooong weekend that I need. I have several little projects I would like to conquer, but I also just want to vegetate some. And read and sleep.

 I'm fine with whomever reads this, but I'm really not writing for that purpose today. I writing because it helps me sort out things. If you are familiar with that quote attributed to , but hard to pin down exactly, Dawson Trotman (founder of the Navigators), you understand: "Thoughts tend to disentangle themselves when they flow over the tip of a pencil," you understand. And if you are a blogger reading this, I'm sure you understand. Most bloggers, in my opinion, blog write for that very reason. 

To the point as succinctly as I can: Life will change for me in June. 

I had the largest ever stack of tests to grade that I have not been able to get to since last week. Knowing we would be out today, I pulled a late-nighter and graded. Then I decided to write my lesson plans for next week's four-day week. Just to get it done, so I wouldn't have to deal with it today. As I graded the 8th grade grammar tests, I wondered again why I am doing this. I had taken a lot of time to try to carefully explain the lessons to the class, trying to help them understand the concepts and what they need to study, only to find out while grading that just 20% of those students really followed my leading. 

I acknowledge that the Lord can change all this, but at this point, I have decided not to return to the classroom next year.

Part 2 tomorrow. 

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