Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bright spot on a gray day

I have thoroughly enjoyed this morning so far! In recent weeks, stress upon stress continues to try to sink me, but this morning, I planned leisure. At least before and until I have to face the next thing.

I spent a good while diving deeper into my latest read (Ireland by Delaney), enjoying every single word of it under a warm blanket with the cat tight against my side. Hearing his deep purr of contentment makes me happy. I've enjoyed this lengthy time with Ireland, following the story better while not fighting sleep. The language and Delaney's power of words makes me again appreciative of the gifts God has given to others. 

I'm also enjoying the best tea in the world while the washer does work for me. So, before I emerge from this den of warmth, I plan to finish grading some remaining papers, post the grades, and then rise to a cooking task. I'm hopeful that the day will be as ordered as I've anticipated. 


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