Friday, February 08, 2013

Small joys: Quizlet

Quizlet -- how I love it! I have multiple sets (one for each class that I teach or have taught, numbering about 500 sets and close to 10,000 terms). Quizlet helps me generate objective portions of tests. I've found it also allows me to pull text out of a table - something Microsoft Word will not let me do.

But a little joy that I have for Quizlet is its opening page. They have a map of the world with random popups from current users all of the world and what set they are studying. You'll see that someone in Gainesville, GA is studying Science 2, someone in the Russian Federation is studying irregular verbs, or someone in Singapore is studying FM Transmitter.

Quirky, I know. But I love to take a minute and look at how Quizlet is being used all over the world and appreciate the students who study.

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