Friday, March 15, 2013

Fine Art Friday

    Maid Reading in a Library
  Edouard John Mentha

I relate to this in the here-and-now and love this painting.
I love how absorbed she is.
I love that books distract her from her task.
I love the shelves of neatly labeled books or binders.
I love the science surrounding these shelves from the large pelican-beaked bird above her head to the fish in the bowl beside the skull. 

I, too, have scattered science objects scattered throughout my shelves but mainly hawk feathers, bird nests, and even a dried hummingbird.

If I were the maid, I would be doing just as she. Precisely why I would not be able to hold a job in a library or a bookstore. 



Go quickly and tell said...

Lovely ~

I like this one, too!

Carol in Oregon said...

I LOVE this. And every word you wrote. Ditto for me!

I'm excited about the return of Fine Art Friday. I'm getting ready for next Friday!