Friday, March 29, 2013

Fine Art Friday

An Interesting Book
Seymour Joseph Guy 
Is she reading to the little figurine (which I wonder if it is musical and turns)?
I love her short haircut, curled neatly behind  her ears. And the shades of color in her hair from the light.
The plainness of her clothing, yet the rich red color, emphasize those brilliant flushed cheeks. Maybe the light warms them to color because the intensity of the light is evident in the crisp silhouette on the book page.
 The ornately carved chair with green upholstery, which I say is velvet, is interesting. The color coordination is interesting.
I do wonder what she is reading. Nice-sized book for such a young girl. Could it be a book of fairy tales? Maybe containing "Cinderella?" What do you think she is reading?

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