Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Home Keeping

I like neat. I like a neat home overall. I like things in their place.

But, if you saw my home now, you would be convinced I live in a contradiction. I do. But I still like neat.

During these years of teaching outside the home, I have let go of household responsibilities little by little because of the workload at school. I can't do both. 

But, in a few short months, I can. And I'm glad. I kind of look forward to doing again those daily simple, steady tasks that will yield what I want but have yet neglected. 

And I've pulled down a book from my shelves that, until now, I've only dipped into occasionally but will delve into come June.

I remember getting this waaaay-back-when; it was all the craze on a homeschooling board years ago. What I have read in it, I liked. And I like reading stuff like this. So, it's now on the summer list to begin. It will take me a year to get through it because with books like this, I'll nibble slowly and thoughtfully, this try to practice what I read. 

Home Comforts is written by a working woman - a lawyer and professor - who has written another book I'm interested in reading, The Good Life: The Moral Individual in an Antimoral World.

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