Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'm reading; I'm watching; I'm listening

I'm reading, and close to finishing, Ireland (Delaney). Our British Isles tour director was reading this in August and suggested to us as an engaging read. So, at Christmas I ordered a copy but didn't begin reading until a few weeks ago. As usual, I can only stay awake for a few pages at night, so this 400 pager will take a bit. But I'm close enough to the end to anticipate my next book.  

A number of years ago, I read the first two in the Rebecca trilogy by Walter Buckalew and am interested in finally finishing this series with Such Thy Mercies. I'm looking forward to finishing up another half-finished 800 pager and a few more that have been waiting patiently on my nightstand.

During some nights reading later into the night, I have found the best book light ever, Mighty Bright. So easy, so small, so bright.

My eighth grade class is at the very end of the audio version of All Quiet on the Western Front which I read every year. Each class thinks this is a great book, and they really like the audio. The narrator's steady and deliberate presentation enhances the text. This year, I decided to have the students find and record passages that are powerful and mean something to them. I'm interested in seeing what they have found. And I have added more passages to my collection. Such a passionate book.

In my Medieval history class, we are reading 1066 (Howarth) about the Battle of Hastings. This slim volume is packed with historical info, and I'd like to go back through this a third time later and cement my own understanding of all the personalities involved. 

I'm watching  White Collar and Once Upon a Time episodes, two entirely different dramas. But they are nice for a distraction.

I'm listening to Music for Learning, a collection classical pieces that are perfect accompaniment for reading and working. I often play this, and similar ones, when I give students project work. 

I'm thinking about things I might want to dabble in after the summer  .   .   .   things I like to do and feel like I can do reasonably well. One of those is developing reading and learning strategies. I haven't thought enough about this to know if there is marketable interest, but I'm interested in checking it out. Classical learning is heavily reading based, but many students need help in focusing on the content they are reading. That's the area I'd like to explore strategy development. More about that later. 
Until next time  .   .   .   . happy reading, happy watching, and happy listening! 

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