Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lingering leisurely

Here it is, middle of the week. If I were in school, it would be hump day . . . that marker pointing to the end of the week. Since I'm on spring break though, this day marks that half of break is over. A most depressing thought for me.

So, with early-morning coffee, I lingered leisurely and hunkered down into warmth and softness with Ireland. I practically dread the ending of a good book. It is so much like the close of a friendship. I pressed on with intermittent (what my sister and I call) coffee-dreams. Determined to stop at a particular point and get up to greet the day, I didn't. I did not stop at the self-appointed place; I couldn't because a glance in the lines ahead told me that certain storylines were resolving. One more chapter, I said. And in this one-more-chapter, three certain lines were for me at this time and place in my life:

"Time is a fair and just teacher."

".  .  . reorganize his life .  .  .  . "

".  .  . caves of treasure or walls of rock .  .  .  . "

For those who know my current plight, figuring out why these are poignant to me right now is obvious. 

Time will be one of my teachers. 

I will be reorganizing my life.

Pressing forward will yield those treasures or rocks. 

As much as I love Delaney's turn of a phrase, I also love how his words and story work in my life right now

Sure, my change of station is certainly not as life-altering as it could be or as has happened to others, but for me, it is a shift that causes me to carefully readjust my feet, lest I stumble. 

Thank you, Frank Delaney, for your affective words this morning. I look forward - with hesitation - to finishing your wonderful story tonight.  


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