Friday, April 26, 2013

An unexpected discovery

 Many who have walked along the beach on the East coast see small shelled creatures digging down into the sand as the waves recede. Curious, you might bend down and cup a few to look at. Beautifully colored and designed shells house little clams.

I've always loved to see these things but never knew what they were and always forgot to look up when I could. Until today. 

This morning, while testing the coldness of water, I found a large divet in the sand full of what many commonly call Butterfly clams, but are properly Donax, saltwater mussels.

I couldn't resist this photo because I don't think I'll ever see this many live Donax again. If you click the above image into a new tab, you will be able to enlarge the image to see their little feeder filters extended. How amazing! 

Such a multitude of color and sizes!

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