Friday, April 12, 2013

Fine Art Friday

Old Man Reading
Lucha Olivares

Of course, my first question is what is he reading. When I see people reading, no matter where they are, I turn my head to see the book cover. Whatever his book, its cover color is picked up in the man's scalp and in the wall. 

Notice this man's long slender fingers. Notice how they are angled with the book so as to hang on the the reading - almost to treasure the book. 

Next notice the whiteness of his long, yet well-manicured beard. It reflects the light from an outside source which, in turn, is reflected on the white book page.

Notice how captivated he is with the words. And especially notice the two slight furrows of his brow. He seems such a kindly soul to me.

And his robe . . . notice the mingling of colors and the drapes of the material.

When enlarged though, the picture of the book is odd. Notice the spine. Either there is a mistake or the spine of the book is broken, maybe from the heaviness of the book, and drops back to the edge of the back cover. Or maybe I'm not seeing this correctly.

Also, I cannot figure out what the light-colored, almost white, patch is under his right arm. It couldn't be the wall; it lacks the same color. Is it something on his robe?

In any event, the focal point of the painting is the old man, his beard, and his book. And that, I like.  

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