Friday, April 19, 2013

Fine Art Friday

The Grandfather's Prayer
Albert Anker

What a lovely picture! The young caring for the old. 

This is what brings a warm smile to my heart:

The open mouth on the boy as he reads. He's not just sitting; he's active. As always, I do wonder what he's reading.

The strong, young hands of the young boy curled around the book.

The long, slender, peaceful fingers of the old man. This old man is a worker; just look at the dirt under his fingernails from the duties of his day already before his tea break.

The striped covering underneath the old man with the blue being picked up in the pretty tea cup on the side table and the faint red stripe on the old man's apron-like covering also picked up in the tea cup.

Do this grandfather and grandson work together? Maybe in shop that works with leather? Has the grandfather been teaching his trade to his grandson and now letting the grandson practice his reading skills? 

Taking the time for close inspection of the picture and evocation of some emotions and feelings is a grand way to write a story. Rather than tell students to come up with a story out of their imagination, give them a basis - the knowledge - by showing them a picture, guide their eyes to travel through all aspects of it, and then write a story based on inspection, emotion, and imagination.



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