Friday, April 26, 2013

Fine Art Friday

Continuing the book and reading theme of recent Fine Art Friday selections, this painting makes me laugh! 

So, I've chosen it for fun today, and also because, the Lord willing, this is me today. 

Yes, I have blonde curly-in-the-wind hair, wear glasses, have wrinkles, drink tea, and read books. And today, I will be reading outside today in the sun and the wind at the beach. And likely I will have my towel wrapped around me shielding me from the cool beach breeze. 

Friday is forecast to be the only sunny day of the long weekend, but that's okay. Saturday can be restful too, and maybe a necessary shopping day if the rain showers the beach.

Rest. Sun. Quiet. Solitude. All components needed here and now. 

Laugh with me at this rather anonymous painting.   

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