Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Seasonal Sounding on Simplifiying "Stuff"

I spent today with my sister cleaning out our mother's home. Our mom was well-organized and had prepared things to be easy when it came time to do this. She had no junk, no mess, no dirt. She had already cleaned out "stuff," leaving very little for us to do. Today, we took two loads to the dumpster, two loads to Goodwill, a donation trip to a nursing  home and didn't really get dirty, just hot.

This was the third day over the month that we have spent at this task. And it looks like we have only one more day which we'll plan to do in three weeks. Then the house will go on the market.

Though an "easy" day, it was exhausting. I've got three weeks to rest up to do it again, and after that, my sister and I will take ten days at the beach. We both anticipate this to be the most truly restful vacation we have had in a decade.

But before those anticipated restful days, I've got to prepare exams and finish end-of-year prep, plus move the rest of my school stuff home. Getting all that sorted, straightened, and sold will take the rest of the summer. And, after that, my husband and I will treat ourselves to ten days in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Right now, I'm too tired to even begin to get excited, but I will! I think, at least I hope, that the lightening of my teaching responsibilities will allow some energy to return.

My hope is to simplify my things over the coming years and leave things easy for our children. Different seasons of life necessitate changes in our thinking, our lifestyle, and our belongings. I guess this has really been a "seasonal sounding" post!

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