Friday, May 03, 2013

Fine Art Friday

Boy Writing
Albert Anker

Recent Fine Art Fridays have included several Albert Anker paintings of people, particularly children, reading. This one is of a boy writing, maybe copying, with a little book in hand. 

Brown tones seem to dominate Anker's paintings, but his details bring out the richness of those browns. Notice the folds in the little boy's pants and sleeve.

In many of his painting are furniture of the era with cutouts. Notice that in the  the stool he is sitting on  and the chair in the background. Also of note is the stool is precisely the right height for the length of his legs to accommodate his writing board. 

What I like best in this painting is the boy's sweet expression. If he is doing school work, he does not have a grumbling look. This makes me wonder if he is a naturally content child who completes his given tasks with a happy heart. 


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Dana in Georgia said...

Enjoying your FAF posts and makes me wonder if I should re-up my efforts.

hmmmmm ~

Hope you saw my recent FB link with Dr Kilby reading CS Lewis?