Friday, May 17, 2013

Fine Art Friday

After a lengthy winter with its ups and downs, and highs and lows, spring looks like it is finally here. Oh, no; I mean summer looks like it is here. I'm not sure about this weather; we don't seem to ease into a season anymore, just slam into it. 

With that, Fine Art Friday is shifting from the interesting but dreary-colored Albert Anker reading paintings to the vibrant colors of Iris Scott's painting today.

Iris Scott does not have her paintings titled, at least none that I could find. But the texture of her paintings create such movement that it's hard to not delight in them.

I love the blues in this painting. And the expanse. And I love the  distant blue mountains prefaced by the spring greens and yellows of the foreground. 

How is it that the lonely, still railroad track on land and the active clouds in the sky can exude such interest? The single walker gives humaness to the painting. Since Iris Scott did not name this work, I think I might call it "Journey Steps."

Be sure to open the painting up in a separate window so you can enlarge it some to see the texture. You might be interested to know that this painting (and all Scott's recent paintings) is finger painted. That, in my opinion, is what gives texture. View more of Scott's paintings here

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