Friday, June 07, 2013

Changing habits

Habits, both the good and the bad, are hard to change. Thankfully, I've never had any really bad habits to break -- those like smoking, alcohol, or drug use. There are some habits I *need* to effect though, and they can be difficult to begin too.

One habit, though, that will be changing is my constant preparation of school work. Hardly a day has gone by over a number of past years that I've not spent some time each day working on school. The only times I can remember specifically not working on schoolwork are when we took our trips abroad. But now, I have no schoolwork at all to prepare. Other activities will need to take its place.

And I will begin now, and for the next ten days, doing just that. My bookbag will only contain reading books--fiction no-brainers and fun stuff. I need to rest and relax. I need to learn how to relax again. I do wonder if I'll get bored -- over the next ten days, that is. I have plans to continue to study and learn (beginning in October), but not for the next ten days. This time will be for habit readjustment, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Today, we will miss out on our first day at the beach because of little lady Andrea. This first-of-the-year tropical storm churns up the coast as we travel down today. Normally, we leave at o'dark-thirty, arriving by noon, so we don't miss a day on the beach. But today, we'll do a later and more leisurely drive down--no beach today, but the rest of the days promise some great weather.

I am taking my pile of to-do lists to coordinate and reduce. My favorite time to think is during the quietness of the morning, so after some time of contemplation, I'll think about these to-do lists. Yes, they will wait, and who knows, they may never come out of my bag. But they will be there if I decide to focus on my future days, weeks, and months; determine some short- and long-term projects; and reorganize my daily time. I like to plan and planning is a forte of mine, whether for complicated, important tasks or small, daily ones. Lists accompany planning, and planning is organization, which I cannot seem to ever leave aside. 

That said, I haven't planned any Fine Art Fridays for the next couple of weeks. After that, they will return. And hopefully, I will too. With more focus on my freedom and future. 

If you bookish people are curious, the books in my beach bag follow. 

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