Friday, June 21, 2013

Fine Art Friday

"Jenny Whibley Sings"

This painting makes me happy. I love the nighttime starry stillness as dusk rolls away. I love seabirds, and this one, with his head arched upwards and calling out, is stunning to me. 

The contrasts in the color scheme the foreground's grays and whites of the central focus against the warm sunset tones of the secondary focus all landscaped against the beautiful natural blues of the night sky all meld together in this lovely painting.

Jamie Wyeth is the son of Andrew Wyeth, so painting is in the blood. You can read his biography linked in his name above.

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Cat said...

I have been to The Farnsworth Museum in Rockland Maine. It is devoted to the works of all three Wyeths. Wonderful, peaceful, beautiful place. My calendar this year is Jamie paintings. And this month, I view this seabird painting. Every day.