Saturday, June 22, 2013

I'm reading . . .

I've realized this week that I'm still not up to par. Maybe I never will be (I am a few years older than my days of comparison). Or maybe I'm just not fully put-together yet.

Those days at the beach were wonderful. Relaxing. No responsibilities.

But now, I've got lots to do first (but no time constraints): Manage my mom's estate and arrange for some of her things to come here (which means rearranging and cleaning out here), sell / rearrange / store my school things, and deep-clean the house.

Even my reading is not what I feel I can do. My beach reads were all fluff but fun. This week I started reading The Demon in the Freezer (Preston). It's nonfiction and about the possibilities of another smallpox epidemic, or just wipe-out. I got through half of it and put it down. No more. I may come back later and finish it because I really enjoy Preston's writing. His The Hot Zone and The Cobra Event were page turners.

Most of The Demon in the Freezer  was captivating but would be more interesting to me at another time. I'm tired. My brain is tired. And there was just enough of the harder thinking and following that wearies me easily.

So, I guess I'm just not there yet. Maybe September. Or maybe January. My bet is January. And that's okay. I don't have to read quality stuff right now. My new read is a political thriller, The First Commandment by Brad Thor. I read the first one in the Scott Harvath series sometime back in the winter and really liked it.

I have to read.

I have to.

And right now, I just have to do what I think I can do and be content with it. Time will come when I dig out my books to study and read deeper things, and I look forward to that with almost giddy expectation. I need to be content that there are times when light is better than heavy. Since I'd always reserved summers for light stuff, I guess I've got three months at least to fit into my mold. :)

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