Friday, September 20, 2013

Catching up . . . I'm reading . . . I'm watching

Catching up . . . 

Some of my favorite words  -  or at least words that turn my head and get my attention  -  are plan, organize, and pattern. Those words and their associated tasks are in my viewfinder now.

Our Nova Scotia trip was delightful for the scenery. I'm so glad I got to see those places that have before only been pictures in a magazine. There's a difference in seeing something out of one's own eye no matter what someone may tell you. :)

Despite coming hours after landing from Nova Scotia, my  beach trip was nice too. I always love the beach, and this time there were few people out, a gentle surf, and a full moon. My days were spent reading and napping in the sun with the waves at my feet. But, as often happens, both of us were fertile deposits for the cold germ. Airborne was my double-dosing side drink of choice, and it really does help lessen the length and severity of a cold.

After spending three weeks split between Nova Scotia with forty-four other people and the beach with sister and daughter, I'm spending today in solitary. And it sounds wonderful. My mind is pondering tasks that lay before me but waiting until tomorrow or Monday. 

In my mind's leisure are words I love: plan, organize, pattern. I am closer to beginning a "new normal" but giving myself until January 1 to do so. By then, my hope is that lots of loose ends will be tied up, allowing me to move on. The older I get, the more compulsive I seem to be about finishing one task before being able to move to the next. The "multi" in multi-tasking is quickly becoming "single."

So, my lists continue with a self-imposed deadline of January, hoping to have a clean, organized home again by then and an established routine. Then, I hope to be able to consider whether to pursue a few possible publication projects based on my past school planning. These include student workbook-type things for learning the Westminister Shorter Catechism, student notes for Rod & Staff grammar, and The Story of the World crossword puzzle reviews. 

I'm reading . . . 

These past few weeks I've read a variety of short, no-brainer books that this tired mind can handle and have enjoyed one in particular. My sister introduced me to a detective / crime author Karin Slaughter. I read the first book in the Will Trent series, Triptych. The book is easy to read with page-turner I-didn't-see-that-coming twists. I plan to read the others in the series too, plus finish reading Brad Thor's Scot Harvath books. Right now though, I'm thoroughly enjoying a slow pace through Andy Catlett: Early Travels (Wendell Berry). Slow, not because it is difficult but because Berry's rich use of language and metaphor demands some savory lingering.

I'm watching . . .

Over the summer, we found Island at War on Netflix, the fictional story of life on one of the Channel Islands of England during World War II. Well worth the watch!

We have become hard-core junkies of Breaking Bad on Netflix. I *never* thought I would like this show, but I have. We only watch via Netflix, so we're waiting on the last half of this final season to be posted. 

And I've claimed October to watch through Season 3 of Downton Abbey and get ready for Season 4. 

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Gabi@TheNomadicFamily said...

looks like you have a nice time.. the books are great, the tv shows are great.. i liked it. you have a great taste of books and tv shows like me :)