Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Books

As I've said recently, this past year was challenging. And the challenge was reflected in the few books I read. When June hit, all I felt like I could read was fiction, and fiction it was for the rest of the year with the goal of recapturing my pursuit of intentional reading for 2014.

The Adventures of Charley Darwin (Meyer)
King Arthur and His Knights of the Roundtable (Green)
The Cobra Event (Preston)
Ireland ( Delaney)
All Quiet on the Western Front (Remarque)
1066 (Howarth)
The Inferno of Dante (tr. Pinsky)
The Last Man (Flynn)
Beach House Memories (Monroe)
The Last Refuge (Coes)
The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert (Butterfield)
Such Thy Mercies (Buckalew)
The Demon in the Freezer (Preston)
The First Commandment (Thor)
The Alpine Path (Montgomery)
Dead Heat (Rosenberg)
Uncle Tungsten (Sacks)
Words By Heart (Sebestyen)
Andy Catlett (Berry)
Triptych (Slaughter)
Fractured (Slaughter)
Criminal (Slaughter)
Unseen (Slaughter)
Undone (Slaughter)
Broken (Slaughter)
Fallen (Slaughter)
Blindsighted (Slaughter)
My Reading Life (Conroy)

Those bold-faced titles proved to be my favorites. Un-highlighted, but favorites indeed, were all the Karin Slaughter books which had story hooks big enough to keep me up way into many nights.

The last book of the year was my only audio, My Reading Life which was fabulous. I think listening to it was my key to loving it. In fact, I loved it enough to find a bookstore and buy it while I was listening to it on a roadtrip. I plan to go back through it to copy a lot of quotes and a lot of new words. This book was just what I needed to stir that intentional reading pursuit in me.

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Laura@MbtUk Store said...

great collection of books. i liked it.. :)