Friday, December 27, 2013

Notes, notebooks, and planning

2013 is grinding to a halt. Or maybe I should say it is a fast-moving train plowing into 2014.

I'm not one that tends to think a lot about the past; rather, I'm one to think forward. So, January 1 has been on my watch list since June. Or was it May? Or even March?

New Year's Day has been my self-projected finish date for decluttering and redirecting. Since I'm a listmaker and pen-pencil-and-paper obsessor, I've finally gotten to decluttering those notebooks.

My list notebooks have to be just right. And often, I switch notebooks before they are full. But I never throw one away unless it's full. Or empty.

Because many of my notebooks have lasted over the last decade (could it be??), I revisited them, pulled out the old stuff, and readied them to use up.

During this time, I've been readying 2014 books to read for what I'm calling "2014: The Year of Three Months." For the past eight years, I've essentially abandoned what I'd learn to embrace: intentional reading.

Intentional reading for me is a thoughtful look at books I aim to read during the year. If I didn't intentionally make a list, political thriller fiction would probably dominate my reading. Since 2014 will probably still be a catch-up year, or at least for a few more months, I've dubbed this reading year in segments of four, each having three months. More about The Year of Three Months in a later post.

In the remaining few days of this year, I'll take pages I want to save info from those notebooks and re-scribe them into which ever notebook I decide to start 2014 with. Normally, I would find a new  notebook to start the year with (thus the reason for so many old ones!). But this year I've decided to use up rather than buy new. Just like I've decided to read up my books-on-the-shelves rather than buy new ones. More on that later, too.

Over the past few years, I often thought about things I'd like to explore through writing but never had time to. Often I'd scribble something down that came to mind. One of those I found in those notebooks: "The Intentional Pursuit of the Good Life." I'll be thinking about that one for a while -- thinking about how I want to do it.

This past year was a rough different one. Lots of changes. Most out of my control. A year of changes. And those changes will require some change to my intentional pursuit. Stay tuned!

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Jimmy@MosaicGlobe said...

when you schedule up things, share with us as well.. :)