Friday, April 25, 2014


The blue jays found my birdseed cafeteria about two weeks ago. Beginning at first light, and then about every four hours, throngs of blue jays feast. When I looked up what a group of blue jays is called, I found a "band," "cast," "party," and "scold" of jays. I favor "scold" because that's exactly what they sound like they are doing.

This morning I counted a dozen, plus one red-bellied woodpecker at one time. There were more jays in the trees though. They love the large platform feeder but won't bother the seven hanging ones. And when they have had their fill, they move out, and the goldfinches and cardinals move in. Such a delightful kaleidoscope of colors this spring!

And, a serendipitous moment came when a new word came across my newsfeed: gökotta -- the Swedish word meaning "dawn picnic to hear the first birdsong," the act of rising early in the morning to watch the birds.

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MartinLorance@MalaysiaStory said...

what a beautiful snapshot.. all the pretty birds together.. this is really wonderful :)