Thursday, July 10, 2014

Teaching: The Hard Part

Here lies an excellent article.

My husband and I had a short conversation about teaching recently. He said he thought I might return to it. I said no, but that I did love teaching. He said that was a necessary quality of good teacher and, again, that I might return to it. But I told him that I'm not willing to pay the costs again. There are such steep costs to that love, and it cost me a lot.

It cost me being able to listen to the birds at my birdfeeders, mowing the grass, being outside, enjoying leisure in the true sense of the word,; it cost me being able to read for pleasure; it cost me enjoyment with life. Those who say your efforts are enough and to be satisfied with it apparently have never really taken the educational triage bull by the horns. They just have no idea. 

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JosephLaxman@MudlusciousPress said...

i appreciate the passion of you and your husband.. i am so glad that you both prefer teaching.. :)