Thursday, August 21, 2014

Getting it back...

Finally, I think I may be getting my juju back.

After several months of scattered weeks at the beach and planning for another week away, I've felt like I've lost my moorings and have been adrift, accomplishing little of anything. Being a listmaker, I would dutifully make my list the night before, yet cast not a glance at it the next day. Several days of this and I felt pretty useless and unmotivated.

But, after four days back, stuff washed and put away despite no juju, I got a good night's sleep and feel more like myself.

After mid-September, I'll have about eight months of no trips (save my usual after-Christmas visit at my sister's). I hope to get into a routine of housekeeping, reading, and studying by October. My bookshelves still need some organizing, but at least the books are in groups now.

Since list-making makes me happy and (usually!) productive, I intend to develop a reading list (sort of like the years-ago reading challenges some of us did), along with a study schedule. I'm inclined toward church history which will give me the opportunity to read the biographies (children's and adult's) of important church figures that I already have on my shelves. This excites me (gives me some juju!) and motivates me to press on.

Although I read Church History in Plain Language (Shelley) over a decade ago, I might go back through this one. And I definitely want to go through The Church in History (Kuiper). It's pretty straightforward without details I don't want to deal with.

The other day I had a blog comment on an old post which caused me to go back through many of the posts over the years. I was saddened at my neglect of blogging. I remember the days of writing daily and the deeply knit friendships that developed through comments left. I don't know if it's too late to revive the slogger-blogger or not, but that's on my list, too.

After months of despair while teaching in the private school and agonizing over the decision whether or not to return, I was lightened of heart when this thought came to me one morning on the drive in:  "The Intentional Pursuit of the Good Life." Yes, that was what I wanted. And that was an intended blog post. The post hasn't happened yet, but I hope to bring those thoughts to fruition in the next few months.

But, right now, the grass has finally dried off enough to be given an overdue cutting. With strong storms moving in tonight, I'd best be getting to it. Here's off to that task on my list!

Press on.


Cat said...

"Intentional pursuit of the good life"? I believe it is simply an attitude-an approach to life where one learns, like Paul, to be content in whatever state one happens to be. After several catastrophic life events, I am getting better and better at this.

Anonymous said...

I'm finding the book, Bonhoeffer, Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, by Eric Metaxas, to be full of thoughts on intentional living during some very challenging years of German history. I came upon these lines which spoke deeply to me:

"Christ must be brought into every square inch of the world and the culture, but one's faith must be shining and bright and pure and robust. It must be free from cant and "phraseology" and mere religiosity; or the Christ whom one was bringing into the world and the culture was not Christ at all, but a tawdry man-made counterfeit." (page 248)

The home of the large Bonhoeffer family overflowed with the "good life".

Deep thought co-existed with gentle courtesy, hearty humour, participation in the arts, warm relationships, physical activity, community involvement, enriching rituals.

Bonhoeffer realized the value of community and wrote "Living Together".

In "The Blue Zone" the author shows how strong community ties foster happiness. I suppose one can be part of multiple communities, each contributing to the crowding joys, the value, and the richness of life.

As this blog has created a fellowship of "kindred spirits". The sharing and the conversation open new horizons.

A grateful reader,
Honey Bee

Laurel Jew said...

I am glad you are thinking of blogging more often. I really have enjoyed your comments and ideas over the years.