Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's the little things . . .

1.  Surprisingly, my what-I'd-call-small, county library (serving 56,000) has a vaster Overdrive library available for audio and e-books than does the neighboring county library which serves twice our population. Liking this especially since both my husband and I have become audio addicts by day.

2.  This little item replaced a reused prescription bottle in my purse to store ibuprofen and acetaminophen rather than AM or PM meds. It is slim, holds plenty in each side, and will discreetly slide into my pants pocket when I don't want to carry a purse. Plus, when I do have it in my purse, it fits better than the bulky round bottle. Idea from watching Carrie access her meds on Homeland. Ha! 


3.  Inexpensive source of greeting cards found at Michael's in the $1 bins! Nice, colorful with expressive inside greetings. Nice find for the few I need.

 4.  I've spent the better part of the last eighteen months rearranging the stuff in my life. Organizing and decluttering. I am beyond satisfied with being able to let go of things I've used and treasured because of their use but things which have no more real use to me. (How 'bout that -- I used the word "use" three four times in this sentence!)  I continue to look for organizing hints that are actually functional for me. One area, as odd as it might seem, is Facebook. Over the months I've realized that all those good-looking recipes that have been pictured and posted by groups, and which I think will be winners, aren't. They just never make it to the second round in my recipe planner because they are either not tasty or don't suit our tastes. So, to gain some control and organization on that front, I've just stop notifications or unfollowed all of them. And the quarter of a ream of paper I've printed those on is now in the firestarter box. I'm going back to the tried and the true. Why clutter up my menu and spend time and money on maybe-we'll-likes? Controlling Facebook, one like at a time.

5. Still Mine is a wonderful movie (available on Netflix). Based on a true story, this older Canadian couple faces adaptation due to dementia. Inspiring. And one of those about which I had to look up the real story.


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