Thursday, April 09, 2015

Plowing through

 One thing I can say about this Spring Reading Challenge: I've been intentional. Yessiree. Although I have plenty of time that I can take to read, I do also have to maintain the house and kitchen and all things attached thereunto. Granted, there have been times I could have finished a minor project or completed a cleaning task, yet I have chosen to read beside doing some of those tasks. It's been cool and inside weather until lately, perfect for this reading life.

My self-imposed Spring Reading Challenge stack started out rather ambitiously with one especially large chunker, Gone With the Wind (Mitchell). Unbroken (Hillenbrand) was not far behind. But I plowed through both books much quicker than I anticipated.

I started the SRC the first of March with A Week in Winter (Binchy) which was my first Binchy and a delightful, enjoyable read. As with most books, I usually become quite curious about the author and learned that Binchy died only a short time after finishing this book. So her last book as an author was my first book as her reader. It was enjoyable enough to decide to read some more of her books scattered over the next couple of years. They are all set in modern Ireland and perfect light reading between heavier works or as a beach / vacation read. Following Binchy, I knew I had to delve into Gone With the Wind because I had no idea how long this 1037 pager would take me. I seriously doubted that I could even finish it, let alone have time to read anything else, by the end of May. But finish it I did! And in only thirteen days! I'm still amazed! I read every night as long as I could keep my eyes open, and then I read for an hour or two every morning before getting out of bed. A few days I read an hour or so during the day.

After Gone With the Wind, I thought I'd better get the other larger one read, Unbroken (Hillenbrand), simply because I needed to have May as open as possible for the ten days I'll be at the beach. Chunkers and nonfiction don't work well for me at the beach, so I will add fluffy fiction there. Since I didn't think to consider that as I made my spring list, I now want to intentionally finish as much of my SRC list as I can and add beach reads to it.

The Lewis and Clark books were such a quick read; I already knew the content but wanted to read through these before I moved them off of my shelves. I soon realized I had two copies of the same book, six separate books (pictured) and one combined book. The six separate ones are actually each individual chapters of the combined book. All seven are now ready to move to a new home.

Now I'm settling in for a few days of Ann Rinaldi's Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons, a historical fiction about early America's Philis Wheatley. This book is one from of a couple of shelves of books I bought for my classroom library that came home with me. All those books will be moving to new homes as I finish.

Left is a short juvenile biography of Francis Marion The Revolutionary Swamp Fox who has always fascinated me, Pat Conroy's reflection of his basketball time at the Citadel in My Losing Season, and Stegner's Crossing to Safety. I'm not sure that I can get the two longer ones done by May 13, but I'm pushing to try. If I have to cut one, it will be Conroy because I really am eager to read Crossing to Safety. That title has crossed my path way too many times to not read it soon.

So, I'm down to these now, and still plowing.
What are your reading goals?
Do you have goals?
If you would like to become more intentional about your reading, consider joining us in the Summer Reading Challenge from June through August. More info later about that, but for now, start reading! And think about what you want to accomplish.

Remember: If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time!


Melora said...

I was in a reading slump for most of March -- Wolf Hall just stopped me dead. Things have gone better after I abandoned it, and I've stuck to my list to a fair extent. Now I need to finish the fantasy I just started, The Crimson Campaign, so I'll be ready to start Pilgrim's Progress with a GR group on the 15th!

Janie said...

Ah, Pilgrim's Progress! I love that book and have meant to add it to a read-soon list. Will need to remedy that. Press on!