Friday, April 10, 2015

The movie that got ahead of the book

With all the books filling my shelves, why, oh, why should I be exasperated that I accidentally watched the movie before reading the book? But I am.

The other night, my good man loaded A Green Journey found on Netflix. I raised an eyebrow in my mind at his selection -- one that is not common with him; maybe it was because of Ireland, I just really don't know and didn't object at all. We thoroughly enjoyed this little ninety-five minute family-friendly film. Angela Lansbury plays the lead role perfectly.


Nothing rang a bell with the title of that film until this morning. While shelving some books I saw A Green Journey on the shelf and had a rather sinking feeling. I suppose only a booklover can empathize. Yes, the movie was from the book. Although books are most always better, it's done; I'll move that book onto someone else. I did, however look up Jon Hassler and found that readers really like him. So, I found a one available at PaperBackSwap -- Grand Opening--, and put some others on my wish list: Staggerford, Dear James, and North of Hope.


Cat said...

I won't watch the movie, but I just put this book on my reading list. Not reading much right now because my eyes bother me. Haven't had new glasses for 4 years. Yikes! Better make that appointment soon.

hopeinbrazil said...

Please don't read Grand Opening as your intro to Hassler. I loved all of his books about Agatha McGee, but just couldn't get into Grand Opening.