Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Booktalk at the eye doctor

I had the BEST ophthalmologist appointment last week! It was just a checkup with the doctor I've used for the past fifteen years, and I really like her. We've always been office-friendly, but nothing more.

I had the first appointment of the day and took my current book with me to read in between everything. After the technician did her check up on me and gave me dilating drops, I read while waiting for Dr. S. I closed my book, Beach Music by Pat Conroy, as soon as she came in, but after greeting me, she immediately went right to the book. "Oooh, what are you reading?" I told her and she just swooned, "Don't you just love his writing?!" We went back and forth about his writing . . . "Oh, I copy down sentences of his that are just perfect, and then later . . . sometimes years later . . . come back and read them again with the same feeling of admiration," she said, literally with her hand over her heart as she sank into her rolling stool. Now she's not some young ditz -- she's almost retirement age and just a few years older than I am. Then we talked about his other books and how all of Conroy's books are really his life in another fictional time and place.

It was one of the greatest, and most unexpected, give-and-take bookshares ever! We were almost vying with each other about sharing this and that from his books. Then we got down to eye business. As soon as she gave me the all-good-but-here's-your-new-prescription, we went right back into book talk. We had a quick sixty seconds of a couple of favorite authors besides Conroy (Edmund Rutherfurd, Anne Rivers Siddons, etc.). As I walked outside the exam room with her, she clutched my elbow and said, "I'm always up for a good booktalk with a fellow booklover." The most memorable eye appointments ever! :)

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