Wednesday, December 02, 2015

My Reading Life: Born to the Wild (Kaye)

After a full day of mountain vistas and hiking to the far end of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada, we refueled at The Ole Spaghetti Factory in Banff, then wandered through a bookstore I found a wonderful (to me) book.

Born to the Wild (Rob Kaye) is practically his autobiography or memoir. Recently retired after thirty-plus years, Kaye was a park warden for Jasper National Park. He relates stories and adventures during his tenure that are delightful and insightful. So much more behind-the-scenes goes on to maintain these parks than I ever thought to imagine.

About fifty pages are devoted to maps and pictures. The maps! Oh, the maps! I'll bet it took me an extra week to finish the book simply because I got distracted with the maps! Reading this book has caused me to put the four national parks of Alberta back on my list for a repeat, in-depth visit.

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