Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Pennsylvania's 2016 Farm Show

 Fun at the 2016 Pennsylvania Farm Show marking its 100th year. 

This is Pennsylvania's state fair, at an odd time of the year to me, but it make sense because it is the farmer's least demanding time of the year.

I was quite impressed with the number of 4-H-ers and Future Farmers of America young people. This is such a good opportunity for them to learn public speaking and demonstration skills. All I spoke with expressed their knowledge with confidence.

Brilliant splashes 
of color 
during a 
gray winter.


The traditional butter sculpture, this year using 1000+ pounds. I do hope all this butter, which is contained and under refrigeration, is donated to a food bank after the show ends.

Goats and sheep, 
llamas and alpacas.

Loads of the tamest, 
furriest, and 
softest rabbits.

Lots of 
docile cows.

A selection of horses, 
some miniatures, 
pony pullers, 
impressive Percherons,  
and big Belgians.


Lots of 
walking bacon 
and ham!

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