Monday, January 04, 2016

The Tenth Day of Christmas

Even though our bit of holiday celebrations has ended, I've never been able to really begin the new year on time. I'm always late. I'm late getting together my goals and deciding on my reading for the the new year. Sometime around Thanksgiving I begin to realize time's coming! Get your stuff together on time for once this year! But inevitably, stuff happens: Thanksgiving, sending Christmas cards, switching home decor from autumn to winter, talking with all adult children about plans for Christmas meals and planning such. In addition to all the other activities of daily life. 

But Christmas for us is not the end of celebrations and feasting. Nope. Thirty years ago I was about to pop with our third baby, and he decided to arrive one day before his due date. It's hard to believe that three of our four children are now in their thirties!

Sometimes throughout the years his birthday celebration seemed rather anti-climatic so close after Christmas. And our traditional birthday dinner and dessert sometimes was almost dreaded -- more food? More sweets? This year our birthday son simply suggested the ease of pizza from a local pizza joint and a pan of homemade brownies with butter pecan ice cream. I couldn't have gotten an easier suggestion! Everyone enjoyed this, even one kiddo who was in her Washington-area home. She virtually sat around the table with us. As we ate pizza, she was having her tilapia and steamed broccoli, and we FaceTimed.  Now that was fun for two of us who aren't in to all that gadgetry! 

Since this oldest son and third child has grown up, he's seen his birthday, one he shares with J. R. R. Tolkein,  as the Tenth Day of Christmas. So our celebrations really do not end until after this day. But in my quirky way of thinking, my new year doesn't begin until after I've spent some time to reflect on the past year, evaluate the present, and plan the future year. This next week or so will be devoted to that. And with thinking about the Tenth Day of Christmas and the song it comes from, I've read that "The Twelve Days of Christmas" came about as a way for Christians to discreetly celebrate and remember their beliefs during a time of great spiritual oppression. The twelfth day, which in the song is twelve drummers drumming, is the disguise for the Apostles' Creed, that group of twelve core Christian beliefs. I've grown to love the creed and seek to understand it deeper. What a beneficial way to start a new year!

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Kathy Griffith said...

I always learn things when I'm around you. I didn't know about any secrets in the '12 Days of Christmas' song! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your life.