Monday, March 14, 2016

Landmark Books

Recently, I was catching up on the last few months of "By the Book," a column in the Sunday New York Times which interviews an author each week.

Bill Bryson was asked, "Which childhood books and authors stick with you most?"

He answers, "I was completely devoted to an imprint called Landmark Books when I was growing up. I don’t know whether anyone remembers this series anymore, but they were nonfiction hardback books, on historical subjects, written for children or adapted from adult books. They made you feel that you were taking part in a grown-up activity but at a level that you could handle. A good deal of what I know about American history came from Landmark Books. I used to spend nearly all my pocket money on either Landmark Books or, if I was feeling rakish, Hardy Boys books. I am hugely indebted to both."

This made me smile and say "Yes!" I love Landmark books and have a few over one hundred, so it's gratifying to hear that an accomplished author was a Landmarker too!

Check out this list of the Landmarks in chronological order.

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