Friday, December 02, 2016

Trying to regenerate a comeback

After months (and months) of writing posts in my mind, and weeks (or maybe months) of falling into a silent observer on the only social media I sort-of pursue, I'm trying to regenerate some sort of a come-back. I do enjoy the virtual visiting with network (and actual) friends, and realize that my silent presence on Facebook over time evidently and unfortunately changed my news feed in an unappealing way. I've missed blogging and the good conversations that often result. However, I've been so busy that sometimes I chronicle in-my-mind what I've been up to, as if it really matters. But with limited time, an often-tired mind, yet the desire to do some re-connection, that's just where I'm going to begin. :)

For months before my husband retired, I was busy-busy with household projects to complete; some things were just easier to do and get done without having to explain. Since the first of August when we again were able to re-live those days before-children, we've settled into a routine that goes through some occasional resettlement, especially as the seasons — and their accompanying tasks change. 

I've rediscovered some kitchen joys! After years and years of planning and preparing meals for a houseful with the often demanding time schedule, I now have no time schedule. Ahhh! And being able to take my time and pace myself has led to a more fulfilling role of provider. 

With the six nice-sized pumpkins that came out of this year's garden, I cut and oven-baked them, then puréd twenty cups. Some purée was frozen for future pies and pumpkin tea bread, and some was transformed into pumpkin butter. 

And with the good availability of cranberries right now, I've prepped several bags for  cranberry salad. Simply by chopping cranberries, naval oranges, and crushed pineapple together,then stirring in sugar, I can freeze this in portions to thaw later and add raspberry jello for a treat we love year round. 

In preparation for cold winter evenings and the warmth of much-loved potato and leek soup, I've sliced, and washed-and washed-and washed leeks (it's simply amazing how much sand accumulates between those layers), pre-cooked and frozen them to add to some of our bountiful harvest of potatoes this summer. 

On my list now is to bake bread again. Dinner rolls, larger special sandwich rolls, and loaf bread — in particular, Ezekiel bread which I've never made. I have gotten all the necessary grains to grind for it, now just to find the time to do it!

Another enjoyment I've reclaimed has been seasonal decoration. I've never gone overboard at all, but seasonal decor is comforting to me and really does help to make a house a home.

Other projects continue to get done, and still others begin their origin on my ever-expanding, organizing list of to-dos, many of which may just make it to a blog post. 

And what about reading? It continues, although at a slower pace right now. I am looking forward to some cold winter days which are free of projects when I can fall deep into BookLand again! Right now, I'm only reading at night, and many of those nights are much later than they used to be. 

Until next time (and hopefully not too much later) . . .


Sherry said...

Welcome back. I look forward to reading your future posts, especially the ones set in Bookland.

Kathy G said...

I always love reading your thoughts. I'm amazed at your productivity!

Poiema said...

I always enjoy reading Seasonal Soundings, nice to have you back! My Mom makes a wonderful cranberry relish similar to yours. I just used the leftovers to make cranberry bars--- one of the seasonal pleasures I look forward to this time of year.