Thursday, December 08, 2016

Winter Reading Challenge 2016-17

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One week into a challenge, and I'm still reading a book from the Autumn Challenge! I've been quite busy with other stuff that I'm surprised is taking me so long (baking, cleaning, rearranging book on shelves) and that leaves little reading time. But, I never give up the positive anticipation of better or easier days for reading indulgences.

Again, all my book choices are results of reading books off my own shelves and moving them on!

Russka (Rutherfurd). I got bogged down about halfway through this in early November and plan to finish it off during these dark, cold months.

Dear and Glorious Physician (Caldwell). Taylor Caldwell was a new and unknown author to me until a reader-friend at church kept talking about loving her books and continuing to re-read them. The only one I was really interested in reading was this historical fiction, and it is tome at over 500 pages. 

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend (Katarina Bivald). I actually saw this in a bookstore while on our trans-Canadian trip last year where it had just come out on as a new book there. Sounds like a fun booklovers book.

Wish You Well (Baldacci). I read only one of Baldacci’s books and struggled for any interest in it. Even though he’s a fellow native Virginian, has a lake house in our county, and frequently speaks at our county library, I wasn’t interested in reading him anymore. But a long-time book-friend heartily pushed this one on me, and I trust her suggestions. And, since it is set here in southwest Virginia during the 1940s, I’m looking forward to it and to seeing the movie adapted from the book and filmed in a community not too far from where I grew up.

Rebecca (du Maurier). The same friend with the Baldacci suggestion also suggested this one. Plus, I heard really good things about it on a podcast I listened to this fall (I think this is the one). Everyone said this is a page-turner, so I’m looking forward to some cold days with hot tea and Rebecca.

The Road (McCarthy). Another earlier suggestion from a fellow bibliophile as her favorite. So much of this sounded familiar, and then I realized why – we saw the movie several years ago. 

Winter Garden (Hannah). This author, quite popular and prolific, became known to me through The Nightingale which I read via audio. It was terrific, but I was surprised it was not based on a real event. I heard a short interview with her that  all the research she did for The Nightingale led to the writing of this one is set in World War Two Russia. 

The Intrepid Explorer (Lakusta). Boy, I’ve carried this one over all year! Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get into it this time. If not, you’ll probably see it again for the Spring Challenge! It’s about James Hector’s explorations of the Canadian Rockies.

The Good Life: The Moral Individual in an Antimoral World (Mendelson). Cheryl Mendelson wrote that book many of us have – Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House. The Good Life should be an interesting read in these days after the election. 

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