Friday, December 01, 2017

Winter Reading Challenge 2017

Choosing books for seasonal challenges: How do you decide?  I’m not sure if I have a method of doing so or not, but I should. I would be more intentional, I think, in varying my choices and reading from my shelves more widely. I do, however, decide the order in which I read my chosen books. If I didn’t do that, I would eat my literary desserts first, leaving the meatier and more substantial to get to later, if at all. This method is so easy for me and I lose no time deciding what to read next between books. And I stack the books in that order on my to-read shelf, the same way they are stacked in this picture.

The Cloister Walk (Norris)
A friend gave me her finished copy which I thought would be good to read on the heels of recently finished In This House of Brede (Godden).  

A Year in the Maine Woods (Heinrich)
This was the first Heinrich book I put on my shelves. I think I arrived at its title by way of some circuitous trail that started with Gladys Taber’s books. Since then, I acquired a few more Heinrich books, never realizing until putting together my WRC list that they were all penned by the same author. I hope I enjoy his writing because I have several of his!

The Stillmeadow Road (Taber)
My last Gladys Taber. I’ve read many of her books over the past 35 years and have enjoyed them, but I plan this one as the end of that run.

A Gentleman in Moscow (Towles)
I occasionally hop on the new-book buzz wagon and did so with this book. I won it on my first-ever Ebay bidding opportunity about the same time the audio became available from the library.

Gifts of the Crow (Marzluff)
This book landed on my shelves after my husband expressed interest in reading about crows. We have three resident crows and their occasional buddies here all year long. Unfortunately, the book was a disappointment to my husband who prefers “Just the facts, ma’am” reading. Since I like the story-behind-the-story types, I thought I’d attempt it before moving it on.

Snapped in Cornwall (Bolitho)
This mystery ended up here after my sister wanted me to do a reading challenge with her. One of the challenges is to read a book whose author has your first name. Not many authors have my first name. When I first searched at Amazon, one name came up with plenteous books, but I wasn’t about to read any of those! Searching a bit more, I found this first of a short series. (This is one reason I don’t care for challenges with “rules.”)

An Dublin Student Doctor (Taylor)
An Irish Student Doctor (Taylor)
Numbers 6 & 7 in the Taylor Irish Country Doctor series which I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy.

Martin Luther (Roper)
I’ve lost some of my anticipation to read this one for some reason. So, I’ve decided to make it a morning read or tea-time book (as are the following three) and not hesitate to abandon it.
Liturgy of the Ordinary (Warren)
Ravens in Winter (Heinrich)
Winter World (Heinrich)

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