Thursday, December 28, 2006

WRC readers and their books

The Winter Reading Challenge is in full swing now and continues through the end of February.

I am delighted so many, both returning and new friends, are going beyond casual reading to intentional reading. Because I have made these intentional attempts, I have read wider and further than I ever imagined. My appetite is constantly whetted as I read through these lists.

For any who want to walk along the winter road of reading, come on! And feel free to post your list in the comments.

The Prattling Pastor's Wife is planning to read five classics by the end of February! Among these five are Little Women and Pride & Prejudice. Plus, she is has a list of books to read from her own shelves, like many of us this time around. I like some of the authors--Tozer, McDonald, and Karon.

Magistramater has posted an enticing reading list for 2007 from which her Winter Reading Challenge is drawn. She is introducing me to author Anthony Trollope, Scarlet Music, A Natural History of Latin, and God's Secretaries. We seem to feed each other in our striving after good books.

Lean Not sent her list which includes Moby Dick (maybe we can encourage one another since I'm reading this too!) and some Jesse Stuart books which I think she'll enjoy, plus
The Spiritual Secret of Hudson Taylor in preparation for a trip to China.

Abiding will be reading a favorite of mine--Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey, and I notice some common ground with another author, Susan Hunt (I'll bet there is some undiscovered kindred spirit here!) . She is also starting George Grant's The Christian Almanac as part of her daily reading.

Sharon H. in IL plans on reading non-fiction: The Hungry Soul by Leon Kass MD, A Preface to Morals by Walter Lippman, and The Reformation: A History by Diarmaid MacCulloch. Interestingly, the Kass book has crossed my path several times in the past few months.

Among Paper Moon's selections is a Peter Kreeft book that I've dipped into occassionaly, Back to Virtue. She is also reading Don Quixote and Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith by Kathleen Norris. In another one of those interestly intersections of the reading world, a book I picked up to add to my morning time references Norris.

Diane at Circle of Quiet aptly refers to this as "intentional reading." Yes, m'am! Diane has a nice long list that fits into categories of biographies, essays, fiction, nonfiction, and daily reading. Sounds like many of us have categorized this time! I'm seeing Gilead by Marilynne Robinson on several lists.

Brenda at Coffee, Tea, Books, and Me is including some nonfiction history (McCullough and Shaara) that I know she is going to enjoy. Plus, one of her daily devotional books, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jeremiah Burroughs was read by my husband before we married thirty years ago. I remember him talking about this book for so long. This will probably be added to a later list of mine.

Among On My Mind's list is the classic Great Expectations (Dickens) and The Memory Keeper's Daughter.

Twice Bloomed Wisteria's (isn't that a delightful name?) first book is The Lay of the Land by Richard Ford. She plans to post more of her list later.

LoriM's list includes A Whole New Mind Daniel Pink, Story Robert McKee, No Excuses Thernstrom & Thernstrom, Exploring Probability in School: Challenges for Teaching and Learning Graham Jones, and A Heart Like His Beth Moore. If I remember, she starts graduate school in January and her list is open for "rabbit trail" books that so commonly happen in the reading world.

Mother Crone has a sizeble list including one I plan this time too, Year of Wonders (Brooks), plus a number of home education related books.

Carrie at Mommy Brain is piqueing my interest with Bibliotopia: Mr. Gilbar's Book of Books & Catch-all of Literary Facts and Curiosities.

Seasonal Soundings' eyes-are-bigger-than-stomach list (in which I already feel behind) includes Moby Dick (Melville), Realms of Gold (Ryken), Paul (Wangerin), Year of Wonders (Brooks), and A Short Day Dying (Hobbs). My daily, ongoing reading will include (Luther), Faith AloneThe Intellectual Devotional (Kidder), and Truths We Confess (Sproul).


Leslie said...

I like the idea of this challenge. I posted my list on my blog and have my books stacked up and ready to go! Now...if I can just find my reading glasses.....

LeanNot said...

Here is the link to my list:

I'm not getting very far on my list! I need to hurry up!

Carol in Oregon said...

Big breath! I *finally* made out my list. I decided to make a 2007 reading list and I will read off of that for the Winter Reading Challenge.

After Carson's wedding and holiday interruptions, we need to hit the books hard come January 2nd so most of my reading will be for teaching my son during January and February.

I love book lists with a passion. Thanks for hosting the Winter Reading Challenge.

anne said...

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks