Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday Words

nimiety - the state of being too much; excess.

fugacious - fleeting; lasting but a short time; from the Latin fugax meaning "ready to flee;" derivations are fugitive, refuge, and fugue which literally means "a musical flight."

celerity - rapidity of motion or action; quickness; from the Latin celer, "swift" and related to the word accelerate.

polymath - a person of great or varied learning; one acquainted with various subjects of study.

Are you a polymath? I have felt like a polymath this week: Monday, I subbed in English; Tuesday, Earth Science and English; today, math; and Friday, criminal justice (of all things!).


Kathleen Hamilton said...

Cool words! I especially like fugacious. Connor takes Latin and also plays fugues, and he knew the Latin word fugax, but hadn't made the connection with fugue.

patti said...

I think ALL homeschoolers are polymaths, Janie.:-)

Carol in Oregon said...

One of the very first phrases my boys learned in Latin was tempus fugit - time flies.

When interested adults would ask them to say something in Latin, this was one of the stock answers.

I love Wednesday Words, Janie. I collect words (in my mind, often enough) for a post during the week only to find that they have dissipated by Wednesday.

This week I was reminded of frisson - shivers or shudders of intense emotion.

desert mom said...

Polymath was one that I looked up recently; a few philosophers that I was readying about were refered to as polymaths.