Friday, May 04, 2007

Fine Art Friday

The Poor Poet, Carl Spitzweg

"In the painting, the poet wears a cravat around his neck as if he is ready to go out. Cravats were an important piece of a man's wardrobe. Walking sticks were important, too, like the cravat, as a way to dress up and lend a man a sense of individuality. The poor poet's stick can be seen leaning against the wall on the left. The umbrella had been around for a while but this open umbrella maybe Spitzweg's artistic novelty since no one had painted the motif before. After the Paris revolution of 1830 the citizen king used an umbrella to show his closeness to the average citizen and it had become a symbol of populism. The top hat as well had become part of the standard dress for ordinary law-abiding citizens." ~Suzanne Hill

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