Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Call me slow,

..but I've never thought about it. That is, until listening to "Renaissance Painting and Techno-Science" from The Teaching Company course Great Scientific Ideas That Changed the World during my morning walk.

The discussion concerned the development of the use of perspective in paintings. Have you ever thought about why picture frames are used? I hadn't, but if asked, I would have probably said to help the art to stand out and be separate from the wall around it. Or maybe a more practical answer would be to enable the art to be hung.

Maybe you are more enlightened than I am and see the obvious, but the frame was developed to resemble the window casement. When looking at a painting within a frame, one would think he was looking out of a window at a scene. It was a way of bringing to life the painting.

The obvious alluded me again.

Something that Professor Goldman, the lecturer in this course, does is something I've never heard. Rather than saying the word renaissance the way I've always heard it and the way a pronouncing dictionary will pronounce it, Goldman pronounces it ren A sance. I'm not sure why yet.


Carol in Oregon said...

I would have answered the same way you did about picture frames.

The Europeans pronounce it that way. Whenever we watch Globetrekker, if the host is from England they the word that way.

desert mom said...

I'd never call you slow, Janie. There is just so much to learn, but isn't it fascinating!

Kathleen Hamilton said...

Fascinating! I would have picked the same reason you did.

About my reading and my household duties. Well, we live very simply around here, so the upkeep is not too difficult. We also eat very simply--no big productions (well, once in a while). I read about 2-3 hours a day, when I can, I suppose, if the time is all added up. That allows me to read 4-8 books per month, depending on the length and depth (usually non-fiction takes me a lot longer than fiction).

I have a lot of catching up to do! So many books!

Grace said...

I had never heard that about picture frames before. You learn something new every day.

"Ren-AY-sonce" is the correct French pronunciation of the word, and so the Europeans are right. But there are lots of French words in the language that we don't pronounce right, (if you heard the French pronunciation of "hors d'oeuvres" you wouldn't even recognize the words!) so there's no reason to knock ourselves out over this, it seems to me.